Landscape Design Services

From Concept to Completion

We offer a full line of professional landscape design services ranging from small ideas to full estate planning. Each project will be designed to be a reflection of your taste that will serve your needs and lifestyle.

Landscape Design Process:

Initial Design Consultation Where We Learn Your Taste and Style:

The first meeting is one of the most important meetings we will have. We will get to see your property and have a chance to really understand what your goals and inspirations are for the project you are looking to have completed. This is a great opportunity to bring out any pictures or magazine clippings that you have always felt would best suit your style. At this time, it is nice to look at general numbers to know what you can expect that will be needed to create your new landscape.

Measuring Your Property:

Really getting to know your site by measuring every aspect, determining important views, inventorying existing plant material and hardscapes, checking for drainage issues, inspecting site access and photographing each of these elements will be completed.

Conceptual Phase:

During this step, we take your concepts, our design expertise, and experience, and apply them digitally to your site. Depending on the scope of your project, this can vary in the amount of time it takes and how many meetings will take place before the final presentation. Throughout this phase, rough numbers will be applied based on previous allowances discussed at the initial meeting.

Final Presentation:

This is when we can look at everything on paper or in digital format with solid numbers. This is an important step in the process and is where we determine all major factors involved. Once the project design is accepted, every detail of the project is gone through and every material determined. Depending on the scope of work, this can take a day to several weeks to go through samples and visit similar sites or displays.